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Happy Li Travel's Holidays to China

The latest adventure holiday packages to China. Choose between our Express Yidu, Hidden China and Student Programme, your adventure awaits.

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Express Yidu

Yichang & Yidu

9 days

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Hidden China


14 days

£1209pp £1088pp

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Student Programme

Yichang & Yidu

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Time to try something new in 2024 The Year of the Dragon 

Are you ready to enter the summer of the Dragon in style and visit China? Review our unique Summer packages to China operating between June 1st and September 30th. What will it be? Express Yidu, Hidden China or are you a budding scholar excited to explore China on our Student Programme.

Road to the mountains

Express Yidu

  • 9 days of highlights in Yidu.

  • Daily immersive cultural tours with unique opportunities to discover.

  • Enjoy a family Farm day trip experience, with opportunities to cultivate the land and taste the fruit of your labour.

  • Guides willing to translate for you and aid your experience of China.

Hidden China

  • 14 days package trip in the heart of China.

  • Enjoy 2 River cruises on the Yangtze and Qing Jiang rivers.

  • Visit 10+ National Heritage sites.

  • 27 opportunities to taste the wonders of local cuisine. You'll be able indulge and celebrate Chinese food like royalty. 

  • In-depth Chinese culture experience, with time to blend in like a local.

Bringing in the harvest
Flying kites

Student Programme

  • Travel tailored to your needs with local expert travel agents.

  • Build up your CV as you travel, with multiple volunteering projects available.

  • Participate in orange farming and support the local community.

  • Enjoy an exchange of cultures and learn about rich Chinese traditions.

Why choose Happy Li Travel 

Here are just a few of our unique selling points hit (+) to discover more:

Local Family Business We are a local family business that lives in China. With more than 25 years of exploring China, and generational knowledge of the land to boot.

Chinese Farming Community We proudly represent the Chinese farming community and introduce tourists to their way of life. We believe the best package holidays to China involve seeing how the land has been cultivated in this great nation.

Cheap, Independent & Authentic We are happy to offer cheap holidays to China (but elegant). Happily we are independent and authentic, we love showing tourists the true authentic China our way. We won't add the days you fly to your package or add excessive costs. Instead we offer affordable authentic options.

Friendly to All Communities We would like to show our support to all communities and welcome you to China. Hate has no place on holiday :)

International Team & Female led Proud to be an international team and female led. The team comprises of Chinese and English staff living in Yidu, China.

Flexible We happily offer flexibility and want to accommodate the customers wants and needs. Please feel free to make requests about changes to itinerary and we can offer alternative arrangements.

Travel Easier Travel is easier with us. We support you through your visa application and help you select the best flight tickets possible. We help you adjust to the norms in China so you can explore like a local. All holidays and tours to central China are easy with Happy Li Travel.

We Love Food We have a passion for food and want to introduce you to all of the best food options in China. If you are bon vivant or a novice to Chinese cuisine we want to help you explore China's variety of dishes.

Most importantly we are excited to welcome you to China. We cant wait to show you the hidden and the hard to access, traditions, cultures and national heritage sites of China. Let us be part of your adventure holiday to China.

Life in Yidu central China

Explore Yidu and tour central China to uncover local cultures, lifestyles and food that isn't on offer anywhere else, giving you the true essence of The Peoples Republic of China. Yidu is a shining example of the modern utopia blended with history and culture that China has to offer. Please explore our snapshots of Yidu below.

Yidu Lakeside

Come to the lake and explore the local's treasure spot

Hu Xin Park 湖心

Yidu has lots of beautiful spots for its residents to relax, play and be at leisure. Hu Xin Park being a favourite in the centre of  the city,  with stylish bridges crossing this mini lake and squares for people participate in group activities. The CCP has been progressing public spaces all over China.

Chinese Dragon

Grab the Dragon's claw and share good luck

Year of the Dragon 龙年 

Love Pagoda China

Dance with the Bees

Flower Sea 花海

In Yidu you will find blends of ancient culture in modern ways. For example in the Flower Sea you will find a modern pagoda built with a nod to the old stylings surrounded by fun sculptures. Flower Sea serves as a leisure garden for locals offering a place to cool off in the sun.

 You will find references to the year of the dragon throughout Yidu. With public artworks and fun Dragon cartoon posters the new year is celebrated in style. If you were born in 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 its your year to shine.

Spicy Fish

Roasted, mouth watering fish from Qing Jiang River

Sizzling fish 烤鱼

Orange Market

Hand picked and only the best!

Spring Oranges橙子

Explore the local food options from restaurants to the markets. With fresh produce that will make you question why food doesn't taste like this back home! Chinese food is not only one of the most popular cuisines around, it's truly unique and varied. This will be the most unforgettable part of your adventure holiday in China.

Chinese markets are great to explore. You are certain to find vegetables and fruits that you never knew existed. At Yidu markets you will find fresh regional delicacies, like green plums and succulent peaches.

Modern Utopian Skyrise

China's constantly developing modern cities

Modern Utopia 现代的

Luxury Shopping Mall

At low low prices! So much cheaper than the UK

Luxury Shops奢华

If you are a fan of shopping, well everything (nearly everything) is made in China so you need not look any further. You can pick up a pair of top quality shoes with an exotic Chinese brand for less than £20, making holidays to China even cheaper. You may even notice a few familiar brands too, but take note of their twists for the Chinese market.

China's cities are expanding and Yidu is no different, it truly is a modern utopia. You will find stylish high rise flats with impressive lighting that sparkle against the night sky.

Peoples Square activities

Peoples exercise at the local square

Gym time 锻炼

Outdoor Sports Facilities

Amazing public facilities for exercise

Top civil facilities一流

Public facilities are top notch in China with peoples squares at the heart of them. Why not take the opportunity to enjoy a square dance or practice some Tai Chi with the locals. 

You will also find sports facilities and outdoor gyms all around, its no wonder China is so prolific at the Olympics! Show off your ping pong skills or even hit the gym in the park and get that sporting spirit.

Start Exploring China today with Happy Li Travel

As an independent travel company we will happily help you find the best package holidays in central China. Most importantly we are locals of Yidu, China! So we can guarantee local knowledge. If you want to see the true authentic China, you've come to the right place. Get ready to embark on a unique journey and see China for its rich history beyond the Great Wall and experience the vibrant culture, and breath taking landscapes outside of the normal tourist hot spots. Whether you're a seasoned traveller or just excited to explore, we are here to inspire and guide you through your own travel experiences. We will show you the hidden gems  of China and we will provide you with insider tips on everything from dining to adventuring and getting the best travel deals possible. So pack your bags, grab your passport, and let's start your adventure holiday to China!

Begin your journey

We also offer seasonal and special deals

We love to offer great value and deals to our customers. Make sure you enquire when booking with us and we will be happy to help you get the best out of your holiday to China.

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Our discounts are available to all. 

The Early Bird Discount can be applied to all packages and has no conditions.

The Social Media discount is available to those who are willing to produce online content to promote Happy Li Travel, please do get in touch for details.

The Group Discount applies to groups of 4 and gives the group a saving of £200 off of the bill.

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