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About Happy Li Travel

Since founding Happy Li Travel we have been excited to introduce people from all round the world to China and especially to the parts of China that are off the beaten track. As an independent travel agency we are keen to offer you exotic holidays to China without "exotic" costs.

We know that organising a holiday to China and exploring this vast country can appear quite challenging without help. So we wish to take the obstacles out of your way and make exploring this wonderful country a breeze. We do this by combining our local knowledge and expertise in travelling through China to provide you with the best travel deals in China.

Bamboo forest


Our mission is to make the seemingly unexplorable an adventure that will provide lasting memories. 

We strive for excellence, to make you feel like you've had a once in a life time experience. That your always welcome to return to.


Our aspiration is to create lasting connections between China and its welcomed guests, changing perceived notions of what China is and showing its true colours.

Chinese Hot Pot

Meet the Team

This is your travel team. We look forward to welcoming you to China.

The Team Combined

When you add Liyuan and Guy together plus our local contacts you get a formidable team that combines unique skills and talents together to give you a wonderful holiday that you'll always remember.

We first combined our skills while working together at the University of Manchester in pastoral roles. In our roles we cared for students mental wellbeing and academic performance. You might wonder how these skills transfer to tourism, but it means we will take good care of you while you travel. Just like when we supported students through their difficult times at University, we will be approachable and ready to support should you have any issues in China. Even if its something you consider small we want you to travel HappyLi :) We also like good wordplay too.

Now we are both keen advocates of travelling to China and exploring Liyuan's local region of Hubei, China. We want to dispel prejudices or preconceptions about what China is and show the real China for what it is. With Liyuan being a native of China and Guy being from the UK we can offer complimentary takes on travelling in China. With Liyuan's local knowledge we are able to find the hidden cultural gems of China while also sharing understanding of why things might be done a little differently. As Guy has been one of the few Western faces in Yidu he can act as your guinea pig of the city (hes probably asked all the questions before), offering the unique insights and experiences a traveller in Yidu should be excited for. Combined we offer the insights of the East and the West to help you enjoy an exotic holiday in China.

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