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Why is Travelling To China Off Of The Beaten Track a Must?

Travelling to China is popular; we expect it to be a hot trend this summer.

According to Statista, the Chinese tourism industry is booming, with over 82 million tourists visiting in 2023. For reference this figure is double the amount of tourists who visited the United Kingdom in the same period and almost four times as many as those visiting Japan.

It’s apparent that visiting China is a popular choice, but why should you visit off of the beaten track and explore the road that is less travelled?

China has an even bigger internal tourist market, and there are plenty of hidden gems that those outside of China might not be aware of. So, let’s explore them!

Let’s take Yu Quan temple, a major historical and cultural site under national-level protection and the birthplace of the Guan Gong religion. Believers of the Guan Gong faith pay their respects to Guan Yu, the warrior general who served under the command of Liu Bei in the Three Kingdoms Saga. They honour his courage, loyalty, and righteousness.

This holy site is a must-visit; not only will you get a taste of Chinese mythology, but you will also see some of the best-preserved Chinese artefacts. Take, for example, the Iron Tower, which is the tallest and heaviest in China.

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