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Student programme -
A Unique way to Adventure

Our new Student programmes operates a bit differently to our other packages in the sense that its completely built by you. Whether you are looking to build your CV or practice your language skills or simply want to explore China we are here to support you.

Please take a review of our slide show below which will help you build your journey. Once you have an idea of what you would like to do please get in touch with us via our Enquiry page.

Farm Dog


Help work the family farm. Learn how to maintain the orange trees and support local sustainable farming. The orange farming community is growing older with young Chinese moving to cities to work, lend your muscles and ease the workload for these hardworking farmers.


I haven't seen many/any CV's with cultivated the land in China and you could be the first setting yourself apart from other job applicants!

Suggested plan


A suggested plan might look something like:

  • 1 day - getting acquainted with Yidu 

  • 5 days - with mornings working on the Happy Li Farm, with afternoon visits to China's National Heritage sites including Yu Quan Temple, Bamboo Sea, Song Shan mountain, Poet Qu Yuan's home and Gu Chao Yin Dong Cave 

  • 2 days - of days trips discovering places further a field, this might include seeing the Yangtze river cruise or exploring Three Kingdom heritage sites and Yichang.

  • 5 days - with mornings teaching English with local children, and afternoons relaxing in style, enjoy the natural springs, Riddle town, Peoples Square activities, explore the local parks and visit the Sturgeon scientific facility.

  • 1 day - to finalise your trip in style and enjoy your favourite spots.

Should this be something your interested in we would be more than happy to help you plan your itinerary in detail.

Contact us via the enquiry form and see what we would be able to offer with regards to support in the package details below.

The Package


Yidu's premier hotel


Assistance provided


We help you pick the best flights for you


No longer than 2 hours, with no days blocked out for travel. Airport pick up and return included.


We hope that you've generated some ideas of what you would like to do in China. Don't worry if you have not got a complete plan of what you would like to do, our team are here to help you and can fill in the blanks of your itinerary.

When you are ready please get in touch with us via the Enquiry button below and we can help to organise your grand adventure. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Where is Yidu, Hubei

Yidu is based in central China, in the province of Hubei. Being based in the centre of China Yidu has a rich blend of different Chinese cultures and practices. 

Yidu is referred to as The Pearl of Two Rivers. These two rivers are the famous Yangtze and the Qing Jiang river.

Hubei is aptly called the province of a thousand lakes, making it the lake district of China. And if you like fishing there are no shortage of opportunities.

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