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Chinese river

The River Cruises

Yidu is not only a beauty for its scenery on land but also has views on water you cannot miss.  Don't worry, you can explore both Yangtze River and Qing Jiang River with our cruise boats where you can see different scenery and have a taste of lifestyles of Tu Jia People.

Qing Jiang River Cruise

Have you seen a landscape painted by mother nature herself? Qing Jiang Hua Lang,   the chosen getaway from the summer heat, is one of the masterpieces on the world's sketchbook.  Get on the cruise boat with us, you will explore the beautiful clear river and magnificent mountains touched by immortals. 

Qing Jiang river

The Qing Jiang river cruise has three key attractions the Wuluo Zhongli Mountain, The Beautiful Reflection Gorge and the Xian Ren Village.

The Wuluo Zhongli Mountain is the ancestral home of the Tujia people and offers spectacular views as well as an insight into the different cultural heritages of China's people. When you arrive at Wuluo Zhongli you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Tujia peoples customs as well as their beautiful surroundings.


The Beautiful Reflection Gorge speaks for itself. Its simply a beautiful scenic area where you can marvel in natures beauty.

The Xian Ren Village is a natural paradise. Home to macaques, this kingdom of animals and plants, is sure to thrill with over 200 species of rare plants. Making this river cruise one for those who love nature.

The Boat

River boat

For the Qing Jiang river cruise you will have the pleasure of riding on this Tujia Zu style river boat 

The Yangtze River Cruise

What is it  like to be on a cruise boat on Yangtze River, the 3rd longest river in the world, in the foot of  the world famous, Three Gorges Dam? Well, you can find the answer yourself from this river cruise trip. You will explore the Three Gorges Scenic Area, enjoy the traditional folklore performance, see rapid currents, unique stones, various wildlife. If you fancy, you can also put on the local special costume and look like a real Tu Jia Zu. Believe me, you cannot wait to tell a friend about this experience.

Yangtze River Cruise Experience

The Yangtze River Cruise is full of highlights so we have selected a few and saved the rest to keep you excited. 


The first is Longxi Charm which is one of the most charming scenic spots in the Three Gorges Scenic Area. Half of the stilted buildings beside the stream are on the land and half are in the water. Surrounded by mountains this riverside town is simply beautiful blast to the past.

The next step is meeting the Ba Tribe. Visit the Bawang Palace which contains, the White Tiger Hall, the Ancestor Worship Hall, the Weapons Room and more. It contains relics of the past including bows, arrows, and even trebuchets.

Carrying on the rive cruise you will discover the Shipai Fortress which is adjacent to the Three Gorges Renjia Scenic Area. It consists of the Shipai War Memorial Park , the Shipai Fort Site, and the Shipai  War Martyrs' memorial. 

And of course the tour includes the famous Three Gorges Dam which is the largest hydroelectric facility in the world ! Dont worry its not just a power plant that blots the landscape, instead you will  marvel at the impressive design and power of the dam. 

The Cruiser

River Cruiser

Your cruiser for the Yangtze river cruise

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