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Tea picking

About the Family Farm 

The Guo Family farm is a family-owned and operated farm which has been providing fresh, locally grown produce to the community for over 5 generations and probably more (due to record keeping there is a bit of uncertainty as to how far back but its far!). The farm has been using traditional farming practices which ensures that our produce is not only delicious but also environmentally friendly. Come visit us and taste the difference that fresh, locally grown produce can make!

Blossom at the family farm

Welcome to our beautiful orange farm, where the sun-kissed fruit is grown with love and care. Our juicy oranges are hand-picked and packed with the freshest flavors, ready to be enjoyed by you. Come and experience the taste of nature at our farm today!

Guard pup at family farm

Meet Huan Huan the guard pup of the Guo Family Farm.  Consider him your guard dog too as he likes to meet new people on their travels.

Why come to a Family Farm in China ?

  • One, there is nothing like eating fresh oranges straight from the tree, the taste of your every day easy peel just doesn't compare! And oranges are not the only fresh produce, with Chinese Green Leaf, Pomelo and many more of natures wonders.  

  • See what its like to live on a traditional Chinese farm. Farming is one of the major industries in China and its maintained its traditional practices which gives you the unique opportunity to learn the culture, traditions and lifestyle associated.

  • The opportunity to work on the farm and learn some traditional Chinese agricultural practices. If that's not your cup of tea there are plenty of other options, learn some of the crafts ands skills China is famous for. Such as calligraphy, traditional cooking techniques and even learn how to write your name in Chinese.   

  • Enjoy the farm animals and the local wildlife. You can see your typical chickens and pigs, plus their guard goose. Yes a guard goose! good for keeping your chickens in line and the cat away. You will also find huge frogs lurking in the pond and cute pups running through the farms.

  • You even have the opportunity to fish in the local pond with a bamboo rod! Your fishing buddies back home wont believe their eyes.

  • You could even build your CV up with your hard works on the farm, not bad for a holiday to China.

History of the Farm







According to our earliest records the Guo family has been farming in Yidu since 1880s. This could likely be much longer as China has been a nation of farmers for over 4,000 years.

The current farmers of the Guo family farm married in 1961 and started laying the routes of todays farm. Planting the orange orchard that still stands today. Orange picking has been the focus of local farming efforts in Yidu and many orchards can be seen dotting the landscape.

In 2009 the family farm was rebuilt as part of a government project. But the location remained the same and farming has continued since with traditional practices still in place. And now its your chance to see these traditions and experience the rich Chinese life like a local.

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